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Hansen Dam 2017 Photos by Jared Schlachet of JSquared Photography

Photo Credit on all images: Jared Schlachet, JSquared Photography

Here's a great opportunity for Antique Motorcycle Owners...

We were contacted by Jared Schlachet of JSquared Photography to ride along with our members during the 2017 Socal Norton Club Owners Hansen Dam Ride this past weekend.  Jared sent us a few of his beautifully-shot photos. Check them out above! He also offered to do a photoshoot to capture images of members' antique motorcycle in the garage, on the road, etc. 

Here's his message: "I was wondering if you know anyone who would be interested in doing a little photoshoot where I could do a cool portrait of them with or without their motorcycle(s)?  It can be at their house or somewhere else.  I kind of like the idea of capturing them in the place where they may work on their bikes to kind of tell a bit of a story.  I would love to do some detail shots of the bikes as well.  I wold love to really focus on the vintage bikes.  Let me know if you have any thoughts."

Contact Jared directly if you're interested in participating in a photoshoot with your motorcycle(s). 

Jared Schlachet, JSquared Photography, 323-270-0430

Instagram: @j2pix