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Special Bulletin - Annual Meeting Oct. 15

To All Our Members:

Tim Graber here with a call to action!

The SoCal Chapter of the AMCA is floundering, as usual, and then some. This is YOUR Club. We would like to redefine it as you see fit. We would like to see some participation. We especially need participation at the annual meeting (details below). Can you make it for a few hours for the benefit of the club and assist us in forward guidance?


Mark Your Calendars for the SoCal AMCA Annual Meeting

We are looking for creative ideas on what the club should do for others and what is important for members. Do you have interest in old motorcycles? Do you own old motorcycles? This club and this chapter should be just the ticket for you! The annual meeting is VERY important. Can you spare the time to attend and voice your opinion and get us a quorum? Would you consider running for a board seat to help us out?  WE really want to see you there and have a great discussion. 

When: Sunday, October 15, 2017 Time: 10 am

Where: Petersen Automotive Museum, 6060 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036. Annual Meeting to be held on the top floor of the parking structure. Free parking for motorcycles. Coffee and donuts provided.

Cost: Museum entry fee and automobile parking will be FREE to paid club members. New members paying for 2018 dues will also have complimentary parking and entry.

Bonus: See the Peterson's special exhibit" "Harley vs Indian." Exhibit info here:  

Directions and meet up points for riders to be announced.

RSVP to Steve at:


Here are some comments from Tom Hart in a message to Tim Graber. This meeting is very important to him (us):

  "I continue to recommend that you use your magic shotgun e-mail broadcast system and announce (very soon, like today) that if the guys want a SoCal Chapter they need to say so ASAP and show up for a meeting now and then, but definitely for the annual election meeting. I'm willing to stick with it until the annual meeting to see if anyone really wants a SoCal Chapter. My guess is that most will remain in the AMCA, but will continue to show their lack of interest by not responding to your e-mail, or coming to a meeting/ride.  

I re-state my question: Do we really need a SoCal chapter to put on the well-attended rides or events? Steve should still be able to host the International motorcycle show as an AMCA member. Craig can notify us about the rides he hosts. I don't think anyone else does anything and hardly anyone pays dues anyway. We'll remain AMCA members, but I will not have to worry about financial reports, preparing taxes and balancing the books for a chapter no one really cares about anyway. And after all it is all about me. What ya think?"

Tom, like me, does a lot of work for this club to keep us between the lines of the AMCA. It certainly looks like we do not have much participation from local SoCal residents or members.  Our greatest helpers are Carolyn Musgrove, Adriana Leiss, Craig Dillmann, Lon Bubeck, Tom Lovejoy, and Steve Sorenson. Thanks to all of them for the consistent help. 

This club is important to us. This meeting is important to us.  Will we see you there?

Written excuse to not attend will be accepted as long as they are communicated. 

By The Way: By executive command, I hereby decree that any paid member shown as paid to date that comes to the meeting will automatically be marked as paid for 2018. 

Please RSVP as soon as possible at, so that we have a head count. We will be sure to send you an agenda so that we can get through the donuts and coffee in record time to enjoy the exhibit!


Tim Graber, SoCal AMCA President