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Tom's Not-to-Miss SoCal AMCA Events...The Tired Tail (a.k.a. Monthly Brunch) and the Borrego Springs Road Run

Musings by Tom Hart, Jan. 14, 2019

Alright all you iron butt cowboys and cowboyettes (is that a word?), the prestigious Tired Tail event has been revitalized by Steve Sorensen with the first of many points being awarded to club Treasurer Rich (the iron fry pan butt) Coffin on 1/6/19. I suppose it's only fair to warn everyone that you, much  like myself, are only fighting for second place thanks to fry pan. I used to think that I might somehow be in contention for an award someday for my riding skills, or ability to stay in the saddle for relatively long periods of time. That was until fry pan came along. I'll bet he rides his pan head in the house to make pit stops, not that there's anything wrong with that. Every time I talk to the guy he's just returning from a ride, or on his way to another one, usually in some other state. The dude is an animal. I was watching a movie the other night about Johnny Cash called "Walk the Line" and towards the end of the movie it depicts Cash singing at Folsom Prison to a bunch of inmates. Before he starts signing to the inmates he tells them how he used to think he was tough (you know) because he had done county time for drugs (you know), but now he knows he wasn't so tough because he never had to drink the yellow water at Folsom. Cash then slams down a glass of yellow water and starts singing. That's just how I felt when Steve announced the Tired Tail revival and started racking up the points in his notebook for fry pan. We were at Ruby's for the meeting and they generally don't like folks smashing their water glasses on the floor no matter how justified the reason, so I just sat there...humbled by fry pan. Fry pan was pleased as punch to be the first (and only) one to acquire first place points so early in the game. I drove my Model A to the meeting because it was cold. Yeah, I'm a wimp so what where were you? Still snuggled in your PJ's? Steve and his wife did even worse by driving there in a modern vehicle. I don't recall all the rules so I don't know which ones can be violated with immunity, I mean altered to fit my circumstances. I would encourage others to get involved as I think there may be something in the way of a prize for second place. The next Tired Tail event (a.k.a. SoCal AMCA Sunday Brunch is Feb. 3rd at Ruby’s Diner in Orange.)

2019 Borrego Springs

Borrego is fast approaching. I've sent in my registration, confirmed my hotel reservations and prepped my machines. As a former treasurer, I know firsthand how much easier it is to administer the Borrego event when the common folk (ya'll) send in the necessary documentation in a timely manner...dilly, dilly. Please give mister newbe (fry pan) a break and send in the stuff ASAP. We've always been good about refunds if you aren't able to make the event for any variety of reasons. I'm very excited about getting out there this year. I missed last year due to very unfortunate personal circumstances, but we must move on. Grace McKean will be joining us assisted by Sidecar Suzie. My lovely wife of nearly 50 years, Jill and our daughter Becky are also planning on going this year. The plan is (if all works well) for Jill to bring her three pugs, AKA champion and #2 ranked in the Nation for owner/handler, the one and only ELVIS and her former champions Harry and Romero. I plan to duct tape the three of them together in an effort to hopefully make one real size dog. We don't need to repeat that part to the wife... if you get my drift. My sister Diane, the nay sayer, will also be joining us. You will recall my sister as the person who when dining will send back anything, anytime for any reason even if she has not ordered yet and then exclaim "is that wrong?" I swear to God I saw her go to a table where total strangers are seated and send back their orders. Only Dr. Phil can compete with her when it comes to dinning quirks. Speaking of Dr. Phil, he has promised me the exhaust system from his Willy G Harley when he passes. I'm just saying for the record that if something unfortunate happens to Dr. Phil it is not of my doing, it's just fate. 

Later Gater