Southern California Chapter of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America

The Southern California chapter of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America (AMCA) was formed in 1972 and has nearly 45 years in Southern California. Stay up-to-date with our Riders' Blog and Calendar. Check out the next ride and past runs. Hit Subscribe to sign up for our newsletter and to receive announcements. And, finally, Join our chapter and ride with us! 

We publish approximately four newsletter editions a year. 


Spring 2018 edition. Inside: President's Report; Wrap-up of the 2018 Borrego Spring Winter Road Run; Treasurer's Financial Report for 2017; 2018 Calendar of Events and Tim Graber's "Been There, Done That" column. 

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Fall 2017 edition. New in this issue...President Tim Graber wants to hear from you! See page 2 and email us with answers to some important questions that will help us shape the SoCal AMCA chapter going forward.  On page 4, we say goodbye to a legend - Richard "Hutch" Hutchins. On page 5, Vice President Tom Lovejoy shares some musings on his Board Tracker project and sends out an invitation to all to get the first-ever SoCal AMCA camping trip going! Sounds like something you'd be interested in? Let us know! On page 7, Board Secretary Steve Sorensen reports on the 2017 Annual Meeting at the Peterson Automobile Museum. On page 9, Treasurer Tom Hart shares a great story about a cross country trip. Also in this edition, from Lon Bubeck and Bob Musgrove, a nice report and great pictures from "D-V" XXXI Max Bubeck Memorial Run. Rounding out the newsletter are the ride and event calendar, and the fan favorite: Motorcycle Humor from Carolyn the Editor. Enjoy!  

Summer 2017 edition. Inside: the traditional reports from our chapter officers Tim Graber, Tom Hart and Tom Lovejoy; a remembrance of our friend  Hobo John; and ride reports about the 2017 SoCal AMCA Borrego Springs Winter Road Run in March and the Joshua Tree Run in April. Also, some fun motorcycle humor from our newsletter editor Carolyn Musgrove and the ride and event calendar to round out 2017. 

Winter 2017 edition.  Inside: reports from chapter officers: Tim Graber, Tom Hart, Steve Sorenson and Tom Lovejoy.  Also in this edition: reports and photos from the 30th annual Death Valley Max Bubeck Memorial Road Run; a reprinted report about the 2016 SoCal AMCA Borrego Spring Winter Road run from our friends at the Nevada Comstock AMCA; Motorcycle Humor; and a printable 2017 calendar. 


Fall 2016 edition.  Read Tim Graber's President's Report, Tom Hart's Treasurer's Report, great ride reports from Craig Dillmann and Bob Musgrove,  and "Story of a 1966 Triumph" by Barney Watson.  Printable calendar inside too. 

Spring 2016 Newsletter. In addition to the club officer reports, read complete rundown of the 2016 Borrego Springs Road Run,  the Dave Mann Chopperfest and the annual brunch in Newport Beach. Inside are great articles by Bob and Carolyn Musgrove, Tom Lovejoy and Claudia Watson. 

Winter 2016 newsletter. Includes reports from the club officers; news and reviews from the Las Vegas auctions, the holiday run at the Irwindale Speedway; and the ride/event calendar.


 Fall 2015 newsletter. Includes reports from the club officers; an annual board meeting update; report and photos from the 29th annual Death Valley Run in October; and the ride/event calendar.

Summer 2015 newsletter. Includes reports from the officers, news and reviews, the SoCal ride calendar and more. 

Spring 2015 edition. Includes reports from the officers, news and reviews, the National and SoCal ride calendars and more. 

Winter 2015 edition. Take the time to read it, post the calendar over your bench, and get ready to ride with us and tell your tale in the SoCal Newsletter!



SoCal AMCA Newsletter Credits:

Editor: Carolyn Musgrove

Photography: Various. Thanks all!