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Tom's Not-to-Miss SoCal AMCA Events...The Tired Tail (a.k.a. Monthly Brunch) and the Borrego Springs Road Run

Musings by Tom Hart, Jan. 14, 2019

Alright all you iron butt cowboys and cowboyettes (is that a word?), the prestigious Tired Tail event has been revitalized by Steve Sorensen with the first of many points being awarded to club Treasurer Rich (the iron fry pan butt) Coffin on 1/6/19. I suppose it's only fair to warn everyone that you, much  like myself, are only fighting for second place thanks to fry pan. I used to think that I might somehow be in contention for an award someday for my riding skills, or ability to stay in the saddle for relatively long periods of time. That was until fry pan came along. I'll bet he rides his pan head in the house to make pit stops, not that there's anything wrong with that. Every time I talk to the guy he's just returning from a ride, or on his way to another one, usually in some other state. The dude is an animal. I was watching a movie the other night about Johnny Cash called "Walk the Line" and towards the end of the movie it depicts Cash singing at Folsom Prison to a bunch of inmates. Before he starts signing to the inmates he tells them how he used to think he was tough (you know) because he had done county time for drugs (you know), but now he knows he wasn't so tough because he never had to drink the yellow water at Folsom. Cash then slams down a glass of yellow water and starts singing. That's just how I felt when Steve announced the Tired Tail revival and started racking up the points in his notebook for fry pan. We were at Ruby's for the meeting and they generally don't like folks smashing their water glasses on the floor no matter how justified the reason, so I just sat there...humbled by fry pan. Fry pan was pleased as punch to be the first (and only) one to acquire first place points so early in the game. I drove my Model A to the meeting because it was cold. Yeah, I'm a wimp so what where were you? Still snuggled in your PJ's? Steve and his wife did even worse by driving there in a modern vehicle. I don't recall all the rules so I don't know which ones can be violated with immunity, I mean altered to fit my circumstances. I would encourage others to get involved as I think there may be something in the way of a prize for second place. The next Tired Tail event (a.k.a. SoCal AMCA Sunday Brunch is Feb. 3rd at Ruby’s Diner in Orange.)

2019 Borrego Springs

Borrego is fast approaching. I've sent in my registration, confirmed my hotel reservations and prepped my machines. As a former treasurer, I know firsthand how much easier it is to administer the Borrego event when the common folk (ya'll) send in the necessary documentation in a timely manner...dilly, dilly. Please give mister newbe (fry pan) a break and send in the stuff ASAP. We've always been good about refunds if you aren't able to make the event for any variety of reasons. I'm very excited about getting out there this year. I missed last year due to very unfortunate personal circumstances, but we must move on. Grace McKean will be joining us assisted by Sidecar Suzie. My lovely wife of nearly 50 years, Jill and our daughter Becky are also planning on going this year. The plan is (if all works well) for Jill to bring her three pugs, AKA champion and #2 ranked in the Nation for owner/handler, the one and only ELVIS and her former champions Harry and Romero. I plan to duct tape the three of them together in an effort to hopefully make one real size dog. We don't need to repeat that part to the wife... if you get my drift. My sister Diane, the nay sayer, will also be joining us. You will recall my sister as the person who when dining will send back anything, anytime for any reason even if she has not ordered yet and then exclaim "is that wrong?" I swear to God I saw her go to a table where total strangers are seated and send back their orders. Only Dr. Phil can compete with her when it comes to dinning quirks. Speaking of Dr. Phil, he has promised me the exhaust system from his Willy G Harley when he passes. I'm just saying for the record that if something unfortunate happens to Dr. Phil it is not of my doing, it's just fate. 

Later Gater


Welcome Richard Coffin as SoCal AMCA Treasurer

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Richard Coffin as SoCal AMCA treasurer. The SoCal AMCA Chapter is grateful that Richard stepped up after longtime treasure Tom Hart announced his retirement in May 2018. 

Richard's appointment is effective immediately. All annual membership dues and road run registration fees are to be sent to his attention at this address: 16101 Routt St., Fountain Valley, CA 92708.

Richard, a retired air traffic controller, was an AMCA member from 1979 to 1980, and joined the SoCal AMCA chapter late 2016. He fits right into the club with his 1942 Harley-Davidson WLA and a 1953 H-D FL.

"Richard has already been a great help since joining the club and his presence is greatly appreciated," said Tim Graber, SoCal AMCA President.  "I once again say thanks to Tom Hart, who has been at my side as treasurer for over 25 years. However, Tom's guidance will not be missed since he will always be there to help and opine."


Hansen Dam 2017 Photos by Jared Schlachet of JSquared Photography

Photo Credit on all images: Jared Schlachet, JSquared Photography

Here's a great opportunity for Antique Motorcycle Owners...

We were contacted by Jared Schlachet of JSquared Photography to ride along with our members during the 2017 Socal Norton Club Owners Hansen Dam Ride this past weekend.  Jared sent us a few of his beautifully-shot photos. Check them out above! He also offered to do a photoshoot to capture images of members' antique motorcycle in the garage, on the road, etc. 

Here's his message: "I was wondering if you know anyone who would be interested in doing a little photoshoot where I could do a cool portrait of them with or without their motorcycle(s)?  It can be at their house or somewhere else.  I kind of like the idea of capturing them in the place where they may work on their bikes to kind of tell a bit of a story.  I would love to do some detail shots of the bikes as well.  I wold love to really focus on the vintage bikes.  Let me know if you have any thoughts."

Contact Jared directly if you're interested in participating in a photoshoot with your motorcycle(s). 

Jared Schlachet, JSquared Photography, 323-270-0430

Instagram: @j2pix

Day 2 - Ride report from Lon Bubeck at the Death Valley "D-V" XXXI Max Bubeck Memorial Road Run

Another great day for a run through the desert. In the morning, we ride to Badwater. Lunch at Furnace Creek and then a ride to Dante's View.


Report from Lon Bubeck - Day 1 of Death Valley "D-V" XXXI Max Bubeck Memorial Road Run

Today's ride is Emigrant Canyon to wild Rose Canyon and then up to Panamint Springs for lunch. The Charcoal Kilns are at the top of immigrant Canyon and a few intrepid riders will most likely brave the rough dirt road to visit them. After lunch the riders can return via route 190 Stovepipe Wells or retrace the route we took to get to Panamint Springs.

Special Bulletin - Annual Meeting Oct. 15

To All Our Members:

Tim Graber here with a call to action!

The SoCal Chapter of the AMCA is floundering, as usual, and then some. This is YOUR Club. We would like to redefine it as you see fit. We would like to see some participation. We especially need participation at the annual meeting (details below). Can you make it for a few hours for the benefit of the club and assist us in forward guidance?


Mark Your Calendars for the SoCal AMCA Annual Meeting

We are looking for creative ideas on what the club should do for others and what is important for members. Do you have interest in old motorcycles? Do you own old motorcycles? This club and this chapter should be just the ticket for you! The annual meeting is VERY important. Can you spare the time to attend and voice your opinion and get us a quorum? Would you consider running for a board seat to help us out?  WE really want to see you there and have a great discussion. 

When: Sunday, October 15, 2017 Time: 10 am

Where: Petersen Automotive Museum, 6060 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90036. Annual Meeting to be held on the top floor of the parking structure. Free parking for motorcycles. Coffee and donuts provided.

Cost: Museum entry fee and automobile parking will be FREE to paid club members. New members paying for 2018 dues will also have complimentary parking and entry.

Bonus: See the Peterson's special exhibit" "Harley vs Indian." Exhibit info here:  

Directions and meet up points for riders to be announced.

RSVP to Steve at:


Here are some comments from Tom Hart in a message to Tim Graber. This meeting is very important to him (us):

  "I continue to recommend that you use your magic shotgun e-mail broadcast system and announce (very soon, like today) that if the guys want a SoCal Chapter they need to say so ASAP and show up for a meeting now and then, but definitely for the annual election meeting. I'm willing to stick with it until the annual meeting to see if anyone really wants a SoCal Chapter. My guess is that most will remain in the AMCA, but will continue to show their lack of interest by not responding to your e-mail, or coming to a meeting/ride.  

I re-state my question: Do we really need a SoCal chapter to put on the well-attended rides or events? Steve should still be able to host the International motorcycle show as an AMCA member. Craig can notify us about the rides he hosts. I don't think anyone else does anything and hardly anyone pays dues anyway. We'll remain AMCA members, but I will not have to worry about financial reports, preparing taxes and balancing the books for a chapter no one really cares about anyway. And after all it is all about me. What ya think?"

Tom, like me, does a lot of work for this club to keep us between the lines of the AMCA. It certainly looks like we do not have much participation from local SoCal residents or members.  Our greatest helpers are Carolyn Musgrove, Adriana Leiss, Craig Dillmann, Lon Bubeck, Tom Lovejoy, and Steve Sorenson. Thanks to all of them for the consistent help. 

This club is important to us. This meeting is important to us.  Will we see you there?

Written excuse to not attend will be accepted as long as they are communicated. 

By The Way: By executive command, I hereby decree that any paid member shown as paid to date that comes to the meeting will automatically be marked as paid for 2018. 

Please RSVP as soon as possible at, so that we have a head count. We will be sure to send you an agenda so that we can get through the donuts and coffee in record time to enjoy the exhibit!


Tim Graber, SoCal AMCA President

Report from the Show: Born Free 2017

Thanks to Steve Sorenson, SoCal AMCA Secretary, for this report from the 2017 Born-Free.Vintage Chopper and Classic Cycle Show, which takes place at Southern California’s majestic 17-acre Oak Canyon Ranch.  Every year, Born-Free brings together tens of thousands of eager spectators and participants as well as over 150 vendors and sponsors, live music, an AMCA regional swapmeet.

Report from Steve:

The SoCal booth at Born-Free IV featured my 1947 Indian Chief Chopper. Thanks to Walt Adams and his son John for keeping me company, and for bringing his Crocker-inspired sportster. SoCal AMCA member Hokan Martensson stopped by for a while as well. I talked to many people with great stories and handed out about a hundred of our business cards. 
Steve's 1947 Indian Chief Chopper

Steve's 1947 Indian Chief Chopper

We Mourn the Passing of John Hoeinghaus

Update: The funeral services for John Hoeinghaus, known by most as Hobo John, had been set for Tuesday, June 13 at 11:45 at Riverside National Cemetery (22495 Van Buren Blvd., Riverside, CA 92518).  

Hobo was a proud veteran and he has always supported the Riverside National Cemetery. He will be interned there with a ceremony at 12:00pm. Cemetery officials request that attendees be in place by 11:45. Hobo’s ashes will be placed in the wall in a military ceremony. All friends are invited to attend the service. 

The family has announced that they will hold a reception lunch gathering a few miles away afterward for those that want to attend. It will be at Romano Pizza which is about 5 miles away from the cemetery, 285 E Alessandro Blvd, Riverside, CA 92508-6037.

Photo Credit: Tom Lovejoy

Photo Credit: Tom Lovejoy

John Hoeinghaus - September 20, 1945 - May 23, 2017

It is our sad duty to report the passing of a long-time member of the SoCal Chapter. John Hoeinghaus, known by his nickname Hobo John, passed from this world on May 23, 2017, and is in now in scooter heaven. Hobo was 71 years old. 

SoCal AMCA is in touch with his family and we will assist with memorial announcements for them. Please send an email to if wish more information and notification of the pending memorial services, which are probably a few weeks out.

Hobo was a proud member of the US Navy and he was proud of all veterans. His request to be interned at Riverside National Cemetery is being processed.

Hobo’s quiet smile and silly humor will be missed by all that knew him.

Feel free to share memories and comments on this page and we will pass them onto Hobo John's family. Thank you. 

2017 SoCal AMCA Winter Road Run happening now!

The antique motorcycles come rumbling in to the 2017 SoCal AMCA Winter Road Run, happening Thursday, March 2 to Sunday, March 5.  Photos from the weekend can be found here. 

Photos from the 30th annual Max Bubeck Memorial Road Run!

Happening Now...  Thanks to Tim Graber, Lon Bubeck and Gary Stark for taking photos.  Click on the large photo below to scroll through the shots.


Southern California to Utah's Salt Flats to watch history in the making

Below is a submission from Craig Dillmann, SoCal AMCA ride captain. Craig and Mike Menezes took a trip to the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah last month to support Bob Clift's attempt to break another speed record. 

By Craig Dillmann

On Friday, August 26  SoCal members-in-good-standing Mike Menezes and  Craig Dillmann  headed up to Utah on  their modern Harleys to support Bob Clifts attempt to break another record on the Bonneville Salt Flats. Upon our arrival, we were pleased to hook up with Ron Stevens  and Jim  Christian!! We hung out on the Salt Flats checking out all the cool race bikes. Sure enough, on Sunday August 28th Bob Clift broke another world record on his 1940 Indian Chief!!  Way to go Bob keeping the Indian name alive..93 miles per hour way to go Bob!  

Mike and Craig continued on an odyssey including on Americas loneliest highway, the 50. California Highway 1, the coast, and every back road in between. 

Included overnights in: Ely, Nevada; Wendover, Utah; Susanville, Ca;  Fortuna, Ca; Salinas, Ca, on as many backroads as possible. We logged 2,300 miles in 6 days!


Treasurer's Report 2016

Below is a report by Tom Hart, SoCal AMCA's Treasurer.  This usually appears in the fall newsletter, but since it's timely (announcement of restarting of the monthly Sunday brunch), we're getting it online sooner than later! 

Treasurer's Report 2016

Well folks another club year has come and gone. But enough about me. We had our annual meeting on Sunday, September 18th which was attended byJohnny Eagles, Steve Sorensen, Larry Ramos, Vanhan Bandoian, Tom Lovejoy, Hokan Martensson, Grace McKean, Gary Stark,  myself and the new guy Ken Netteberg from Huntington Beach. Welcome aboard Ken. Frank Colver and Walter Frey were suspiciously absent as were a few others.

The new location for the monthly Sunday brunch will be Ruby’s Diner at the old town Orange train station. The meeting will be the first Sunday of every month (same location) at about 10AM. October the 2nd will be the first one.

We agreed that there is a need to return to our yesteryear activity of a monthly Sunday brunch, meeting which was very popular and held at the Revere House in Tustin for many years. The new location for the monthly Sunday brunch will be Ruby's Diner at the old town Orange train station since the Revere House went belly up some time ago.

The restaurant/train station is conveniently located three and one half blocks west of Old Town Orange's traffic circle on Chapman Ave. AKA 186 N Atchison St, Orange, CA 92866, like in Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe. If you have trouble finding it, just sit on the tracks for awhile, otherwise exit the 55 freeway at Chapman and head west for about a mile and a half.

These meetings will hopefully include wives and girlfriends (not on the same day), offspring's and just about anyone else you care to bring, so arriving on four wheels is acceptable. But if you are so inclined, ride in and join us for an off-the-cuff ride after the meeting. Do like I used to do and let the misses bring the car and ride your old (or new) stuff.

Once again, the meeting will be the first Sunday of every month (same location) at about 10AM. October the 2nd will be the first one. We will not meet at Ruby's if we have another scheduled club ride on that day, so check the calendar. Not that it's important, but this place has a full bar and great Bloody Mary's.

Other things and stuff were discussed like spending some club money and going back to snail mail for members who cannot or will not use the internet. It would be helpful if you internet savvy guys would print out and hand deliver a copy of the calendar and/or newsletter to any member you are in regular or semi-regular contact with that may be challenged in this regard. I can say this because I am "challenged" in many aspects of everyday life including the internet.

There aren't many folks out there who need this kind of assistance to stay in touch, so it's not that big of a deal. I've already personally "adopted" one club member myself for this activity. So if he misses out on something, I only have myself to blame. I won't mention any names but his initials are Johnny Eagles (pictured below). To be fair, Johnny is one of our founding fathers, a past chapter president, National Board member, hit man for the CIA, life time member, go to guy for magnetos and many other repairs, former pilot and a really nice guy if you don't piss him off. I just hope that when I'm 200 someone thinks kindly of me too. Just joking Johnny, I'm referring to your combined years of personal knowledge on many matters, not your age and because you know where I live I need to be careful. I should probably stop taking now. All I know is that if Johnny or anyone like him says "I don't need no stinking internet," that's good enough for me.

At the 2016 Annual Meeting, Grace McKean, Johnny Eagles, and Tom and Jill Hart.

At the 2016 Annual Meeting, Grace McKean, Johnny Eagles, and Tom and Jill Hart.

A quick note here about Grace McKean (pictured above). She, The Grace, rode to the meeting from Running Springs on her whatabe Indian, by herself. That's about a 200 mile round trip ride to attend the meeting. Then she rode with a couple of us (Johnny, Gary and myself) to Laguna Beach for lunch before heading home. At the meeting Ms Lovejoy complained about the cold fog in the morning which hindered him from riding his bike the 30 miles to my house. I offered him my grandmother's shawl and white cotton gloves to keep him warn during the meeting, but he decided to tuff it out.

And finally for my report I'll just touch upon the local elections. VP Larry Ramos and former VP Tom Lovejoy waged a fierce campaign for the office of VP  this year. Heated words were exchanged, accusations of fraud, theft, lying and cheating, bad breath, bribery and carousing flew like hot poker chips on a loose roulette table. Then I realized they were talking about me and not each other's campaign promises, or office improprieties. Personally I was shocked that someone finally realized what I was doing with the club funds. Yet I remain in office. Why?


President: Tim Graber

Vice President: Tom Lovejoy

Secretary: Steve Sorensen

Treasurer: Tom Hart

Steve Sorenson retained his position as secretary (of state) just like Hilary. If that doesn't scare you into getting out to vote next year on club elections, nothing will. When the dust settled, Tom Lovejoy was named the new VP  in what can only be described as a landslide victory. Larry graciously exited the office flipping Tom off as he left. I think he was congratulating him by saying, "Hey're number one". Tim Graber's position as President was not contested. He was re-installed as the Prez for another term. Tim was otherwise engaged elsewhere and not able to attend so he offered his services (for a small fee) via proxy. I voted for a COLA increase for board members, but the board declined the measure. This will likely lead to yet another violation of Penal Code section 503 for me.

Almost forgot, the club will be sponsoring the Great Harley verses Indian Race in Utah next year. If you have not entered this event before, you are missing out on a really great scenic ride. Gary Stark does an excellent job putting this together. Tom Lovejoy and I entered the last race, before he became a girl, and had an absolute blast. Be sure to look for this ride's update and others in the newsletter.

Tom Hart

P.S. The following members are the only ones up to date on dues as of  2016. Cortesy (Steve you are paid through 2017), Ambrogio, Bandoian, Boyd, Coffin, Colver, Dillman, Ferguson, Frey, Golonka, Hatfield, Kingsbury, Leiss, Lovejoy, Martensson, McClennen, McKean, Mori, Musgrove, Jim Stanley, Stark and Watson. Everyone else is behind in dues. That means not paid through 2016. Some for many years. Please bring your dues up to date (click here for renewal form), not just for me and the kids, but for other reasons's only $20.00 a year.  I'm only concerned about receiving 2016 dues and 2017 dues in January, just like a new start in life. You’ll feel good about it, I promise.

I thank you and my creditors thank you.

Timeless American

Hey Folks! Just in time for the Motorcycle Cannonball...take a gander at this beautiful book recently published by acclaimed photographer Eddie Lee. It highlights a selection of Pre-1916 motorcycles, primarily single, V-Twin and four-cylinder engines.


SoCal AMCA members and friends are invited to the book launch at Deus in Venice on Saturday, Oct. 8. We encourage you to check it out!

Motorcycle Cannonball Coming to California September 2016!

Join SoCal AMCA on Saturday, Sept. 24th at the Twenty-nine Palms stop!

The national AMCA is a sponsor of this year's Motorcycle Cannonball, a cross-country run of pre-1917 motorcycle, from Sept. 8 to Sept. 25. The run begins in Atlantic City, NJ and ends Carlsbad, CA. AMCA will have a booth at every stop along the route and welcomes members to experience the sights and sounds of the "Ride of the Century" and to cheer on the riders. 

SoCal AMCA will be at the September 24 Twenty-nine Palms stop!  Let us know if you can join us!  Email us at or post your interest on our Facebook page! 

Here is a complete list of the daily stops:

September 8-9: Atlantic City, NJ (Official Start 9:30am on Sept. 10th)

September 10: Darlington, MD (lunch stop), York, PA (final stop)

September 11: Cumberland, MD (lunch stop), Morgantown, WV (final stop)

September 12: Williamstown, WV (lunch stop), Chillicothe, OH (final stop)

September 13: Mason, OH (lunch stop), Bloomington, IN (final stop)

September 14: Cape Girardeau, MO (final stop)

September 15: Springfield, MO (final stop)

September 16: Parsons, KS (lunch stop), Augusta, KS (dinner stop) Wichita, KS (final stop)

September 17: Dodge City, KS (final stop)

September 18: Dodge City, KS (rest day)

September 19: Pueblo, CO (final stop)

September 20: Alamosa, CO (lunch stop), Durango, CO (final stop)

September 21: Page, AZ (final stop)

September 22: Williams, AZ (final stop)

September 23: Kingman, AZ (lunch stop), Lake Havasu City, AZ (final stop)

September 24: Twenty-nine Palms, CA (lunch stop), Palm Desert, CA (final stop)

September 25: Temecula, CA (lunch stop), Carlsbad, CA (final stop)

Click on the following link for more information on the Motorcycle Cannonball.


Sneak Peak: 30th Annual Max Bubeck Memorial Run...back at Furnace Creek Ranch Resort!

Commemorating the 30th year of the Death Valley Max Bubeck Memorial Road Run, our two-day ride is once-again headquartered at the historic Furnace Creek Ranch Resort. Both days of riding will consist of a scenic loop through the natural wonders of Death Valley National Park. Flyer and registration will be up soon:

2016 Borrego Springs Winter Road Run!

Happening this week..SoCal AMCA descends on the sleeping town of Borrego Springs for it's annual ride. Photos, updates from our three+ days of riding and camaraderie can be found here.